Changzhou Guangdao Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise on solar water heating control system, together with research, produce, manufacture, sales and service. It has a high-quality R & D team and a group of outstanding employees.
  The company is main products are SP series intelligent controllers and work stations which are used in the solar water heating systems, mainly applied to split pressured solar water heater. By connecting the solar collector and split pressured tank, they make the solar energy convert to heat. They are the heart of the split pressured solar heating system, as they can real-timely sense the system temperature pressure, and flow rate.Our products have obtained the national invention patents,and passed the European ┈┈
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Changzhou Guangdao Electronic Co., Ltd.
Add:No.108, Xujiatang, Huaji Road,Changxin Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu.